Selected Vietnamese Lessons

Lesson 20: Say Hello and Goodbye in Vietnamese

Saying Hello/Hi
In a nutshell, the following is the formula to say hi/hello in Vietnamese:

To say hello/hi in Vietnamese:
Chào + [The correct word to address that person]
The following table shows some common cases:


Lesson 19: Say ‘How are you?’ in Vietnamese

How are you in Vietnamese
The most common way to ask How are you? in Vietnamese is:


Lesson 18: Say Pronouns in Vietnamese: I/You/We and My/Your/Our

Introduction to Vietnamese Pronouns
As we have learned before in the Grammar lessons, Vietnamese sentence structure is similar to that of English.

However, one of the challenges that may hinder you from making rapid progress with your Vietnamese is…pronouns. Their usage is not different from English, just that there are many different Vietnamese words for each English pronoun (I, You, etc.). And the various words are not always interchangeable.


Lesson 17: Say Numbers in Vietnamese

Vietnamese Numbers 1 – 10
The table below shows the building blocks of counting, i.e., numbers from 0 to 10 in Vietnamese, which are used to construct bigger numbers.

Number English Vietnamese
1 one một
2 two hai
3 three ba
4 four bốn (also: tư)
5 five năm
6 six sáu
7 seven bảy
8 eight tám
9 nine chín
10 ten mười
In English, one would need to remember additional 2 numbers before there is any rule: eleven, twelve. In Vietnamese, you can already start to compose numbers from 11. What a good news!


Lesson 16: Say Dates in Vietnamese

In this lesson, we’d learn to say dates in Vietnamese, such as 12/09/2012.

This lesson would rely on our previous lesson on how to say days of the week in Vietnamese so
if you are not very confident yet, do take a quick review that lesson before continuing with this lesson.

Saying Month in Vietnamese
The Vietnamese word for month is tháng.

And similar to the way we say days of the week, months are also numbered from 1 to 12 with
January assigned number 1, February: 2 and so on till December: 12.


Lesson 15: Say Colors in Vietnamese

Asking about Color in Vietnamese
The Vietnamese word for color is màu. Sometimes, you would also hear its related word màu sắc, which can, in many cases, be used as the equivalent of màu. However, màu sắc also subtly implies the general look-and-feel of the item as a result of its color.

Below are the various ways you can use to enquire about colors. For each question, you would see the literal mappings to English.


Lesson 14: Say Thank you in Vietnamese

Thank you in Vietnamese
The Vietnamese translation of thank you or thanks is cám ơn. The phrase thank you in English already has the you inside, but the phrase cám ơn doesn’t. So usually, to say thank you in Vietnamese, we say cám ơn + [the appropriate word for you].

Say thank you in Vietnamese
Thank you/Thanks = Cám ơn + [Word for You]


Lesson 13: Vietnamese verbs

After the lessons on Vietnamese nouns and adjectives, this express course now introduces you to the usage of Vietnamese verbs.

Before going into the details, the good news, again, is that verbs in Vietnamese is generally much simpler than their counterparts in English. Let’s see below why this is true.