Testimonials for “Modern Vietnamese for Foreigners”

When I asked a book seller in Hanoi about learning Vietnamese materials, she confirmed that your materials were the best.

His textbooks, Tiếng Việt Hiện Đại (year 7 to 12) and Tiếng Việt (post-secondary/tertiary) are used by most of Victoria’s 10,000 learning Vietnamese students.

Professor Giưỡng is an extremely good teacher and he made a highly complex subject approachable and very interesting.

Professor Phan Van Giuong is, in my humble opinion, the most famous and the most successful author of Vietnamese language textbooks and Vietnamese courses. He is not only a talented teacher of Vietnamese language as a foreign language, but also a leader in methodology of Vietnamese language teaching. This website, that reflects his methods and textbooks, will obviously one of the most precious online contents for learning Vietnamese.