About The Author

Professor Phan Văn Giưỡng

Phan Văn Giưỡng is professor in Vietnamese studies and the former Convener of the Vietnamese Language and Culture program at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia more than 18 years. He has taught Vietnamese and English since 1965. He was the founder Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Culture Studies at Hoa Sen University. He was also the chair of setting and marking examination papers for Victoria Curriculum and Assessment Authority for many years.

Professor Phan is the author of many textbooks:

  • Flexible, Responsive Layout
  • Vietnamese for Beginners (1-4)
  • Functional Vietnamese
  • Modern Vietnamese (1-4)
  • Vietnamese for Foreign Travellers
  • Vietnamese Interactive Books and Pocket
  • Concise and Compact Vietnamese-English dictionaries
  • The editor of several Vietnamese literature magazines and newspapers

He was awarded the Order of Australia Medal and the International Educator of the Year award for his outstanding contributions to the teaching of Vietnamese language and culture.

Professor Phan is now working for the International Baccalaureate, United Kingdom.