Welcome to lesson 4: Taxi
Get a taxi to the hotel.
The Vietnamese word “taxi” is the same English
Oh, Vietnamese word “taxi” is “taxi”?
Very easy to remember. Let me try to ask “where are the taxis?”
Taxi ở đâu?
Taxi ở kia
Cảm ơn!
Oh, you learn very fast. You are speaking Vietnames very great.
Of couse, you know the girl said “taxis are over there”
Yes, I used “ở đâu” to ask “where is” and she answered “ở kia” for “over there”
Come on, let’s go
Xin chào, các bạn đi đâu?
Xin chào, chúng tôi đi khách sạn này
Ok, There are some new word. I will explain word by word.
The taxi asked “Xin chào, các bạn đi đâu?” which means “Hello, where are you going to?”
The word “các bạn” means “you (plural)”.
Bạn you already know means “you” and “các” in the first makes plural. So “các bạn” means “you (plural)”.
In English, there are many way to say “you (plural)” but most commonly you should use is “you guys”.
The only word you have to study is “we”. “Chúng tôi” means “we”.
Tôi means “I/me”. “Cô ấy” means “she”.
Anh ấy means “he”
Oh, I know “tôi” means “I/me”. “Anh ấy” means “he”.
Cô ấy means “she” and “chúng tôi” means “we”. But I don’t know how to say “they” in Vietnamese.
Ok, in Vietnamese “họ” is for “they”
Now we learn more.
Đi is Vietnamese word for “go” and you already know “đâu” is “where” so taxi driver asked “you go where?” it means “các bạn đi đâu?”. “Các bạn đi đâu?” means ” where are you going?”
And what did you anwser?
I answered “Xin chào, chúng tôi đi khách sạn này” which means “Hello, we are going to this hotel”
Khách sạn is the word for “hotel”
Chúng tôi means “we”
Đi means “go”
And “Khách sạn này” means “this hotel”
So “chúng tôi đi khách sạn này” means “we are going to this hotel”
After that, taxi driver answered “vâng”, it means “yes”
Nơi này đúng không?
The driver asked “Nơi này đúng không?” which means “Is this place correct?”
Nơi này means “this place”. “Đúng” is Vietnamese for “correct”
Đúng không, the word “không” is added at the end of the sentence with the purpose to ask and that sentence will be come a question. “Đúng không” means “Is correct or not”
so the taxi driver asked “Is this place correct?”
Then I answered “Đúng” it means “Correct” or “Yes”
Các bạn đến rồi
Ok we’ve arrived.
Đến is “to arrive” and “đến rồi” for “have arrived”
Các bạn you already know is “we”. So the driver says “Các bạn đến rồi” he says “We have arrived”
In English, the taxi driver might say “we are here” but this is how to say in Vietnamese.
Cảm ơn
Ok, let’s get checking
Tạm biệt